Welland Honda Logo

Welland Honda Logo with Community-Driven saying.

Rava Niagara

First college project. RAVA Niagara desperately needed a website update that could handle membership accounts, pages, and a full payment portal.

Jacky Graveline

Jacky Graveline needed a quick website to allow past clients to easily find her once they search for her name. This website was a challenge as it was coded from the ground up within bootstrap, uploaded and displayed live within 4 hours.

Anthony Tulumello Business Card

Business card design mockup showcasing my layout plus logo.

Martindale Massage Clinic

Welland Honda Business Card

Redesign #1

Welland Honda Business Card

Redesign #2

Jonathan Baggett

This client requested a simple resume website with a blog. It was built with bootstrap and skinned in Wordpress.

Welland Honda Finance Brochure

Brochure with a pocket designed for the Finance Managers at Welland Honda.

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